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ODILO in trolley mode in the streets of Paris

The Trolley

Discover freedom in every ride with your urban companion that effortlessly enhances your mobility. Navigate through daily tasks with ease, carrying groceries or essentials while enjoying a newfound sense of freedom and convenience.

A person settings up the hitch arm to a Lime bicyle

A pratical trolley

Our trolley serves as a typical hand shopping companion: Take it with you to various shops and markets. Designed with two detachable bags, it allows you to organise bulky and fragile items separately for added convenience. Setting up the hitch arm takes just seconds, allowing you to attach it to your bike's saddle tube effortlessly. Whether you opt to walk down the street or ride across town towing the trolley, the decision is yours to make. Don't have a bike? Don't worry, ODILO is compatible with most short-term rental bikes as well.

A practical hand truck

Detaching the bags from the trolley will convert our shopping cart into a resilient hand truck. Sustainability takes precedence as we minimize plastic usage, opting for durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel to craft a sturdy framework. The lower platform is ingeniously designed to accommodate standard European box sizes. Whether it's transporting beer crates, DIY toolboxes, or parcels, do so effortlessly by hand or tow them away with your bike.

A foldable trolley

ODILO entirely folded

Crafted for urban living, ODILO embodies compactness and mobility, naturally integrating into the smallest of living spaces. Rather than pursuing a foldable design, we engineered a slim yet durable structure that transforms into a trolley, yielding a remarkable outcome! ODILO stands at just under 50mm tall, easily sliding horizontally beneath a sofa or bed. Vertically, it discreetly fits behind doors, alongside refrigerators, or within wardrobes.

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