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ODILO entirely folded stored in a kitchen

The Combo

Bicycle users rarely utilise trailers, in fact, many have never used one. Carrying large items is an occasional requirement for most of us, usually not justifying such an investment. What if your everyday shopping cart could also fulfil that need? With a growing number of us transitioning to a car-free lifestyle, ODILO provides the ideal all-in-one solution, for you.

An innovative concept

We've crafted this new concept so that you can take along with you almost anything on your bike. The trolley will help you carry your weekly small and medium items while the trailer will take care of the bulkier but more occasional items. We've designed our Combo so that the trolley features remain on the structure for practicality while the trailer features are more like an add-on and are quickly attachable when you need it.   

A flexible concept

Our lives are constantly changing, and so are our needs. That's why we've designed our concept with this in mind. Right now, you might only need a trailer or a trolley, but as life moves forward, your requirements will shift. With ODILO, our platform grows and adapts alongside you, ensuring it always fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether you're an individual or a professional. At ODILO, we believe the cycling industry will play an important role in creating a greener future. To achieve this, we must rethink our mobility and we are excited to be part of this incredible journey with you.

A family using ODILO for its groceries
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