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The Trailer

Experience newfound freedom with our trailer, where your cargo options are limitless on your journey. At a fraction of the price, our trailer provides all the benefits of a cargo bike without storage concerns or theft worries. Enhance your bike's capacity or double the payload of your current cargo bike with our robust trailer.

A practical trailer

Our concept is simple: The ODILO trailer shares an identical structure and wheels with the trolley. It connects to the rear wheel of your bicycle via a detachable hitch arm. The cargo area is substantial (90x40cm), exceeding the dimensions of most premium cargo bikes. Despite its generous size, it maintains a slim profile for easy urban riding and remains compatible with standard boxes. The trailer boasts a maximum payload of 50kg, twice the payload of the trolley.

Smart box concept

In case you need to carry large items or something that doesn't fit in a case, our ingenious smart box concept has you covered: Two boxes that cater to your various transport needs. The short box serves as an elevated platform, allowing you to transport occasional items wider than the trailer's width. The tall box accommodates large volumes up to 150L. Bonus: Stacking the short box on top of the tall box increases the total volume to nearly 200L, comparable to a small car boot! Both boxes share a removable hard top for added versatility. Installation is swift and entirely tool-free.

A foldable trailer

ODILO totally folded

Given that the trolley and trailer have identical structures, storing the trailer horizontally or vertically is just as simple, even in the most compact apartments. We've elevated foldability to new heights with our smart box concept, which is also completely collapsible! Both boxes conveniently fit beneath your sofa alongside your trailer.

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