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Boost your lifestyle! 
ODILO can either be your trolley, your trailer, or both. 

From 20%
to 40% OFF

The Trolley

Your daily shopper

Elevate your shopping journey! ODILO is a versatile trolley that accompanies you wherever you go. It's both a hand trolley and a bike trolley. It is best used to transport small and medium-sized items.

ODILO in trolley mode with two groceries bags atttached
ODILO in trailer mode

The Trailer

A large boot for your bike

Carry large items with ease and convenience with the ODILO trailer. Whether it's bulky groceries, oversized parcels, or small furniture, our trailer offers ample space and stability to accommodate your various cargo needs. Exciting journeys guaranteed for urban commuters and adventurers alike!

The Combo

The « all-in-one » solution

The combo embodies both the trolley and the trailer. Transition between the two in a matter of seconds without the need of any tools, allowing you to utilise the same product whether you're grocery shopping, helping a friend move, purchasing a Christmas tree, or embarking on a weekend bike trek. With the combo, your journey to a car-free lifestyle is right around the corner...

ODILO in trolley mode with required trailer parts on the ground.


Compact design with great capacity

Easy to use

Intuitive design requiring no tools


Usable with almost any bicycles


All metal structure for durability

Assembled in France

Majority of parts are from the EU

Eco Friendly

Recyclable and repairable

ODILO is currently in the development phase and is not yet available for sale.

ODILO timeline

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